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Milan Guenther

Partner, eda.c

from Paris / France

Milan Guenther

Conference Welcome

Designing the New Enterprise

Wednesday, April 16
9:00 – 9:30
Main Stage

In this welcome note to conference delegates and speakers, Milan will introduce the idea of the New Enterprise, and why it designing for this new reality requires us to join our forces across disciplines, professions, approaches and mindsets.

Case Study

Modelling an Enterprise Ecosystem for Digital Strategy

with Craig Duncan
Thursday, April 17
11:00 – 11:45
Main Stage

UNISDR is the United Nation’s Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. Being a focal point within the UN system, the its mandate is to coordinate worldwide efforts in disaster preparedness and resilience. In this presentation, Craig and Milan will demonstrate how achieving this mission translates into a strategic enterprise design challenge, in order to maximise the organization’s positive impact on a complex environment of stakeholder activities and concerns. Using high-level design research and enterprise mapping, the design initiative directly informed strategic considerations. The resulting insights, service models and rendering prototypes helped all parties involved to formulate a sound digital strategy, which is currently being implemented across UNISDR’s activities, transforming its landscape of digital properties.

Master Class

The Enterprise Design Framework in practice

Thursday, April 17
14:00 – 15:30

Introduction to strategic design using the Enterprise Design Framework, based on the contents of Intersection and our work experience at eda.c. We will explore the enterprise as a playing field for Strategic Design, to understand design challenges with strategic drivers or implications. We will work with the 20 aspects of the framework to frame the problem and design spaces, and bridge high-level considerations with concrete outcomes. This Master Class will be tailored to the specific enterprise contexts and the particular background of attendees.

About Milan

Milan is design consultant and partner with eda.c, a consultancy based in France and Germany. He is the author of Intersection, a book about strategic design in complex enterprise environments introducing the Enterprise Design Framework. Milan works as professional designer since over 10 years, and holds a degree in Communication Design from FH Düsseldorf and an MBA from the Institute Supérieur du Commerce in Paris.