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Dennis Middeke

Partner, eda.c

from Düsseldorf / Germany

Dennis Middeke

Master Class

The Enterprise Design Framework in practice

with Benjamin Falke and Milan Guenther
Thursday, April 17
14:00 – 15:30

Introduction to strategic design using the Enterprise Design Framework, based on the contents of Intersection and our work experience at eda.c. We will explore the enterprise as a playing field for Strategic Design, to understand design challenges with strategic drivers or implications. We will work with the 20 aspects of the framework to frame the problem and design spaces, and bridge high-level considerations with concrete outcomes. This Master Class will be tailored to the specific enterprise contexts and the particular background of attendees.

About Dennis

Dennis Middeke is a user experience design researcher and consultant. Dennis is excited by complex tasks and constellations that require innovative solutions. He believes that corporate identity is inextricably linked to the way people interact with the brand. Therefore he is always trying to get a holistic view on the different aspects of an enterprise in order to create a custom and consistent experience across all touch points. Dennis brings his design expertise to various industry sectors, including automotive, aerospace, logistics and telecommunications. He has worked since 2004 as an independent designer on interactive installations, digital brand projects and software products for large and medium-sized companies. Dennis holds a Diplom-Designer degree in visual communication design from FH Düsseldorf.