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Eskil Swende

Partner & Senior Consultant, IRM Sweden

from Stockholm / Sweden

Eskil Swende

Master Class

Master Class by IxDA Paris and IRM Sweden:
Interaction Design and Lean Business Processes

with Bartosz Balewski
Thursday, April 17
11:00 – 12:30

This Master Class will introduce three different processes that are designed to add value for the customer. Participants will have the opportunity to define business process, design interfaces and apply a Lean process to reduce cost of business. We will present a set of simple tasks to participants -- based on them, we want to evolve discussion on how to use these three processes together in a single project.

The program of our classes is to focus on action, rather than theory. During the classes, from all in attendance, we will require an open mind, common sense and logical thinking.

About Eskil

Eskil Swende is a main partner at IRM, a Scandinavian consulting company focusing on Enterprise Architecture and the Innovation Process. He is also a partner at IRM UK, a strategic education company in London that provides seminars and arranges yearly conferences on Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture, Master Data Management, and Business Process Management. Eskil is President of the DAMA Chapter Scandinavia and has developed a global wisdom network of leading experts inside and outside DAMA, inviting them to give presentations and tutorials in Scandinavia.