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Mike Rosen

Chief Scientist, wilton consulting / Director, Cutter Consortium

from Wilton, New Hampshire / USA

Mike Rosen

Master Class

Master Class by Livework and the Business Architecture Guild:
Bringing Service Design to life with Business Architecture

with Melvin Brand Flu and Mike Clark
Wednesday, April 16
11:00 – 12:30

Reaching excellence with customers requires more than a good strategy. When it comes to execution, it takes craft, methods and skills to connect customers with the business in concrete ways. Service design offers a powerful toolbox to help organisations deal with internal challenges, enable a new customer experiences and create business value.

When combined with Business Architecture not only is rigor brought to design but also the appropriate organisation capabilities are defined, ensuring the right abilities are provided to meet the needs of the customer across the full lifecycle.

The interactive class will explore the connection between the customer experience, the customer engagement, and the organisation challenge, by working through design, architecture, and their intersections in the context of a space-age scenario.

About Mike

Mike Rosen is Director of Cutter Consortium’s Business and Enterprise Architecture Practice and Senior Consultant with its Business-IT Strategies Practice. Mike is also a Founding Member of the Business Architecture Guild. He has more than 30 years of technical leadership experience architecting, designing, and developing software applications and products. Currently, he provides expert consulting services in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture and SOA. Previously, Mike was CTO at AZORA Technologies and M2VP, Inc., and Chief Enterprise Architect at IONA Technologies, PLC, and Genesis Development Corporation. He was also a product architect, technical leader, and developer for commercial middleware products from BEA and Digital.