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Philip Hellyer

Enterprise Architecture Group Lead, Carphone Warehouse Group

from London / United Kingdom

Philip Hellyer


Connected World: Redesigning an Enterprise

Wednesday, April 16
11:45 – 12:30
Main Stage

This is the story of the ongoing transformation of the Carphone Warehouse Group, from a retailer of mobile phones into a globe-spanning B2B platform, providing services to businesses operating in the connected world. To be successful, we need to change not only our systems but also our approach to doing business, throughout the enterprise. This is a closer look at some of our challenges, through the lens of the Enterprise Design Framework.

About Philip

Philip Hellyer is the Enterprise Architecture Group Lead for Carphone Warehouse Group and its Connected World Services venture. CWS provides services to other businesses operating in the connected world, in multiple geographies. The group has a diverse industry profile, including retail, insurance, and telecommunications. With a formal background in accountancy and in systems, Philip walks on both 'sides' of the strategy fence, and is both deeply technical and deeply business-oriented. As an Enterprise Architect, Philip cares as much about the structure of a business and its systems as he does about the less tangible qualities of the services it provides.