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Marion Fröhlich

Strategic Design Consultant, SAP

from Berlin / Germany

Marion Fröhlich

Case Study

Design & Co-Innovation with SAP's customers

Thursday, April 17
11:45 – 12:30
Main Stage

The way people perceive and work with software has dramatically changed over the last few year. A good user experience is no longer optional, but rather an expectation and potentially a competitive advantage for those that leverage it. At SAP, the Design & Co-Innovation Center works closely with customers to improve their existing software investments as well a craft new software solutions.

In the last year we recognized the fact that – beyond simply building better software – it is vital that we also support our customers in establishing design practices within their own organizations. The combination between flexible & well designed enterprise software and design driven customer environments is a potent way to create engaging experiences for back office users. In our talk we will share our experience and give both examples and insights on how to move user experience to the next level within various organizations.

About Marion

Marion Fröhlich is a Strategic Design Consultant at the Design & Co-Innovation Center at SAP, where she transforms business operations and services into more delightful experiences. She created and directed the design for digital product development and customer experience strategies in the field of e-commerce, entertainment and telecommunications for more than 10 years.