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Dion Hinchcliffe

CSO, Adjuvi / Author, Social Business By Design

from Austin, Texas / USA

Dion Hinchcliffe


Social Enterprise by Design

Wednesday, April 16
10:00 – 10:45
Main Stage

Traditional organizations around the world are now beginning the intentional effort to re-design themselves en masse for the contemporary digital world. Transformative technologies such as social media, digital ecosystems, and community-powered processes are often driving these changes. But smart organizational design, open and community-based process re-engineering, and careful cultivation of network capital is required to deliver meaningful results. The data now seems to show that the major challenge of making the transition to next-generation business in the current stage of industry maturity is a lack of balance between the sizes, motivations, and interests of employees, business parnters, customers, and the marketplace. Fortunately, it's also clear that this situation doesn't have to exist. Organizations that pro-actively re-design their structures and processes at scale are beginning to distinguish themselves from their peers in terms of real business performance. To see how to make the transition, we can explore how organizations can achieve these results today.

About Dion

Dion Hinchcliffe is an internationally recognized thought leader and practitioner in the areas of information technology, business strategy, and customer engagement. A veteran of enterprise IT, Dion has been working for two decades with leading-edge methods to bridge the widening gap between business and technology. He has extensive practical experience with enterprise strategy and operational issues and he consults, advises, and writes prolifically on social business, CRM, IT, and enterprise architecture.

Dion is particularly well known for his thought leadership in social business, big data, analytics, service-oriented architecture, agile methods, Social CRM, and supply chain management. He is a widely followed commentator and industry analyst for ZDNet, InformationWeek, BusinessAgility.com, the Collaboratory, and elsewhere. Dion still works in the trenches with clients in the Fortune 1000, government, and Internet startup community and is currently Chief Strategy Officer at Dachis Group.

Dion has been featured or quoted in CIO Magazine, Computerworld, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and BusinessWeek. He is also a frequent keynote speaker and is co-author of two books on 2.0 subjects including Web 2.0 Architectures from O'Reilly as well as the bestselling Social Business By Design (John Wiley & Sons, 2012.)