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Christophe Rebours

CEO, InProcess Group

from Paris / France

Christophe Rebours


The Experiential Revolution
designing an innovative model of enterprise growth

Thursday, April 17
14:45 – 15:30
Main Stage

The enterprise has reached the limits of its model. Just like science, politics or 'living together', it now begins its reinvention. The good news is that the enterprise of the future already exists. It is profitable. It stimulates growth. It is fair. And it reconciles the enterprise and the society.

Is secret weapon ? It puts its user at the heart of its vision, its offer and its organisation. An ethnographic approach allows it to gently invent the offers it will need tomorrow. This ensures a strong sustainability. The enterprise invents bold but harmonious business models, which are soothing to humans. Altruism is a prerequisite for growth.

Christophe Rebours presents how this new business model creates innovative, uninhibited and confident relationships between the enterprise and the society at large, for a fairer economy and world.

About Christophe

Christophe is deeply convinced that creativity is born of the interaction and connections between seemingly unconnected worlds and systems. He founded InProcess to offer companies an innovation approach nurtured by and drawing on insights from human sciences and design. I.R.I.S.™, the innovation method designed by InProcess, finds its source in InProcess’ research laboratory on today's usages and results in the design of innovation solutions that positively impact the lives of consumers and users. Christophe also co-founded Violet, pioneering start-up of the Internet of Things and creator of the Karotz smart rabbit (aka Nabaztag).