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Anne Asensio

Vice President Design, Dassault Systèmes

from Paris / France

Anne Asensio


Transforming Enterprises at the Age of Experience

Thursday, April 17
10:00– 10:45
Main Stage

The corporate world enters a new era. Structural crisis and the emergence of new rules set out in the connected world force companies to review their models, with innovation as main lever of change. Beyond technology, innovation now extends to services, business models, communication modes, distribution and sales. With a booming virtual economy, the multiplication of digital networks, and new communication modes, different "imaginaires industriels" come to the fore – particularly around the strategic contribution of design within organisations. Moving away from the fascination of technical innovation, exciting new territories lay before us to explore, imagine, and create...

About Anne

Anne Asensio joined Dassault Systèmes in November 2007 as Vice President of Design Experience. In this role, she launched Dassault Systèmes's Design Experience strategy with the mission to define and implement "best in class" design solutions for enterprises, design studios and individual designers as well as to foster a Design Excellence culture within Dassault Systèmes.

Before, Anne worked as Executive Director of Design, Advanced Design, at the General Motors Design Center, also in charge of vehicle design at GM’s Michigan, Los Angeles and England design studios. She led the development of a number of recent auto show concepts including the Cadillac Sixteen and the Hummer H3T, and others, the latest one being the Chevrolet Volt, presented in 2007 in Detroit. Anne joined GM in 2000 as Executive Director of the Brand Character Center, and later was responsible for Interior Design, Quality and Brand Character.

She began her career at French automaker Renault, where she was responsible for the design of small and mid-size cars, such as the Megane range.