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Alessandro Catania

Research Director, Attoma

from Paris / France

Alessandro Catania

Case Study

User journeys in complex mobility spaces: from user behaviour to strategy at Aéroports de Paris

Thursday, April 17
14:00 – 14:45
Main Stage

This presentation aims at describing some of the ethnographic user research work that the Paris-based Service Design and User Experience agency Attoma has recently conducted, with a particular focus on user behaviors in complex mobility spaces. The presentation illustrates the recent research work Attoma conducted for Aéroports de Paris (Paris Airports) in redesigning its strategy for passenger orientation for one of its most complex terminals.

Beyond illustrating the behavioral methodology and formalisation tools used in this research, the case study provides an example of how user research can successfully deliver models to help the client define a strategy (how to tackle and solve this issue) on a challenging issue, as well as a roadmap (what to solve first and what later) to improve orientational strategies with a novel approach.

About Alessandro

Holding a PhD in Cultural Studies and Media at the University of Nottingham and Master’s degree in Semiotics at the University of Bologna, Alessandro is an expert of qualitative research on users, brands and strategy. He worked as research manager in for media consulting companies, digital agencies and marketing and brand strategy research firms in Berlin, Geneva and Paris. At Attoma, he is responsible of the User Research activities, from the design of research methodologies to the recommendations to bring user insights at the heart of enterprise innovation strategies.